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AllianceTime Media Group is a 360-degree media agency that specializes in Brand Development, Event Management and Corporate Films & Photography.

We are a fully integrated media agency and we believe in turning the AllianceTime core values​​ into a fine shape and working with our clients in getting their brand a personality and making it alive using a three-pronged approach to amplify the true essence of the brand using the amalgamation of traditional PR & media outreach, social media & influencer campaigns, and experiential marketing & production.

We offer everything that a brand needs. From Logos to Brand PR activities that are full of inspiration.

Our services
Our services

Our aim is to use fresh, original and most importantly, effective promotional strategies to help brands create their unique space in the minds of the consumer.

We offer everything that a brand needs. From Logos to Brand PR activities that are full of inspiration.

We design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution and create exceptional events for private and corporate clients.

We fulfil all our client’s photography needs by creating beautiful shots that serve the purpose with excellent service, flexibility and a personal touch.


We are truly dedicated to accentuate the client’s “fine points” in order to implement
thought leadership, expert positioning and strategies consistent with the client’s image and
to effectively target its audience. We infuse your business with a greater pulse. In other
words, we’re the vehicle that strategically moves your message into the hands of
consumers, businesses and the community!


We are passionate about achieving better results for our clients—results that go beyond the financial horizon and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring. Not only do we know the trends, but we also partner with other companies to create them; and that’s why our forecasting is solid.

  • Personalized campaign development.
  • We deliver creative concepts to get your brand at the forefront of your target audience.
  • We can integrate your social media activity to complement your media efforts.
  • We are results driven, proactive, professional and responsive.
  • We are young, creative and passionate.
Our core values

We understand that the industry is in a constant state of motion and development, and having Brand Building efforts that are not constantly synergetic with our client’s vision can be a set back for the growth. And so we put our efforts right from the grass-root level to the highest level of the organisation. We believe both, the Consistency and the Intensity of the brand building efforts are integral for the journey of success.

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We work hard. We play hard. We do the results.

Milan Shah
Founder and CEO
Huzefa vana
Managing Director
Krunal Bafna
Krunal Bafna
Digital Marketing
Director of Photography (DOP)
Anirudhha Bhisikar
Sr. Design Consultant
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PR Consultant
Design Consultant
Yogesh Phulpagar
Yogesh Phulpagar
Creative Director
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Yash Bhavnani
Content Writer